Relead U

The better you know yourself, the better your relationship with the rest of the world. – Toni Collette

Relead U is a beginner level program to learn what no University teaches: The uniqueness that you are!



Relead U – ‘What should i do with my life?‘ is one of the biggest questions of one’s life. Getting it wrong is expensive – and most people don’t get it right because not too long ago, what you did was decided by what your parents did. Then it began to be decided by what your parents could not do and wanted you to do that.

Now, in a world where there are exploding choices (9000+ listed professions) and unlimited possibilities, this is combined with a great deal of competition and a very high threshold for success. This means you need to be very good at what you do. For that you need to love what you do or be comfortable being miserable for long periods of time till you get good at it. But it’s not as easy as that – what if you love to just sleep, or have food for example? Then what? And what if you love to paint but are not as good? Now you can see, the answer to what you should do with your life is not such a simple one. Hence, it needs a deeper exploration.

Relead is that exploration. It is a three-day non-residential leadership training program which will look at answering this question using several tools and techniques that psychology, management, spirituality and philosophy have made available, to answer these timeless questions. Over the three days, you will revisit and reconstruct the blueprint of your life and will set a certain direction, with a sense of inspiration to help you chart a course for your life.

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Venue – The Integral Space, Lower parel, Mumbai, India 

Date – 6th-8th May, 2016

Fee – 3500 INR (Inclusive of Taxes)

Note: The fee includes training, food and taxes.