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Resume Quest

There are fixed templates we use to build our resume. Bullet points of work experience and academic qualifications, every small thing we can call an ‘achievement’ and some interesting sounding ‘hobbies’ for good measure. That’s how Google and Universities tell us to go about our Resume. 
If everyone is listing the same things, how will your resume be ‘unique’? While we load our resume with all the clever things, we often miss the most critical thing: ‘Who am I as a person?’
The program lets you discover the unique theme in your life, your driving purpose, the risks you will need to take, the mentors who will support you in the journey and build a resume that brings out the best of your strengths. Resume Quest lets you take away not just a good resume, but also key insights on how you should be thinking about your career. 
If you are a fresher, or someone experienced but mulling a change in job or career, this will be a day well spent for you.

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Topic: Resume Quest

Date – 14th May 2016, 10am-6pm

Venue: The Integral Space, Mumbai

Fee – 1500* INR (Inclusive of Taxes)

* Fees will include – Tuition fees of course, course material, certificate and lunch.


Relead Bites are 1-2 day bite sized programs on understanding life. We engage with some of the biggest questions of life, relationships, meaning, career, money, emotions, choices, etc? Relead bites facilitates fun, intense and engaging workshops to help you find the best answers for yourself.