What to expect?

Designing your life requires you to gain clarity over three areas:

  • Understanding what your innate strengths are
  • Discovering what you are really passionate about
  • Identify what will give you an economically satisfying career
  • What the world needs?

Relead is an engaging learning experience designed to answer these three questions!!!!!

In exploring the answers to these questions you will also :

  • Develop Emotional Intelligence: Particularly self understanding and self regulation
  • Rethink your life goals: Reflecting on what a meaningful life should be
  • Get along with others better: Knowing what you bring to a team
  • Deal with your parents! : Your career choices will NEED you to convince your parents, and we will work on that
  • Expose yourself to the latest trends in the world: and the careers that will emerge from there

The essential objective of Relead is to leave you informed, empowered and excited to move your life in the direction of your dreams