Detailed schedule of Relead

The course takes place over three consecutive days. Each day begins at 8:o0 a.m. and ends at approximately 06:00 p.m. There are 15-minute breaks approximately every 2 to 3 hours and about 30 minutes just for lunch.

The three-day journey will bring together exercises and ideas from a wide range of domains including psychology, management, spirituality, ontology and integral theory.

Through a mix of conversations, psychometric tools, theatre games, art-based activities, journaling, speaker sessions and group work you will deep-dive into the question like never before.

Day One

The day will begin with the basics: what you need to know as you go on the journey of finding yourself.  We will also have some fun ice-breakers to get into the groove.

From there, we will dive into Career Anchors and MBTI – two powerful tools that will give you a clear sense of your personality and orientations

Day Two

This day will begin with connecting to your Life Story – your parents, your influences and what your real dreams are. It will move into reflecting on your values.

The second half will give you practical tools to succeed – ideas and techniques on how to make things happen and how to take charge of your life

Day Three

The day will begin with a morning speaker (will be announced shortly) who will share some insights on thinking about your career. It will then move onto the opportunities that are getting created in the world today.

The evening will involve you creating a vision for the future and very concrete plans for the way ahead. It will also introduce you to Declarations – the way leaders really make things happen.

The program will close with a graduation ceremony and a celebration!