Which version of Relead is more appropirate for me?

If you are a young person making a career choice or looking for clarity in the direction of your life, we would recommend Relead U.

However, if you have gone through Relead U, have significant experience, and intend to learn about a much broader spectrum of knowledge (including dealing with others), Relead+ would be ideal for you.


What is the difference between Non-residential Relead’s and residential Relead+ Bangalore?

The residential Relead (Relead+) is a more intensive and advanced level of Relead U. It goes deeper into the questions of understanding oneself, also explores how to engage with others and gives much more time and space (6 days) to learn. Both the content and process of the program go deeper and hence have a more lasting impact.

We recommend attending Relead U before attending Relead+


Can a participant attend all the Releads?

–  Yes, all formats of Relead have their own flavor. So, you can attend all of them or some of them according to your need and interest.


Relead is a paid program, the details regarding the fee structure is given on the registration page Page.


How can one participate?

Registrations for the program are open. Please go to the Register page to apply. Earlier applications give us more time to evaluate and process them – hence apply as soon as you can.


Is there any age limit and eligibility criteria for applying?

Yes, there is a minimum age limit of 17 years.

Eligibility and selection criteria for Relead:

  • You have a functional understanding of the English Language
  • You are all set to take your leadership journey to new places

All nationalities are welcome to apply – we seek to maximize the diversity in our applications.


What is exact schedule for the programs?

Overall schedule of all the Relead programs are given on the home page. The exact schedule will be shared with the participants through e-mail. If you want to know overview of the schedule then feel to call us ask us to call you by clicking on Call me button.


Why should you nominate your children or students for Relead Bites and Relead U (Non-residential)?

Relead will help your children / students have a much better understanding of themselves – this in turn will help them make better decisions about their careers. Additionally, Relead will expose them to what is happening in the world, and acquaint them with the options they have as they try to make important life choices.