We have been organizing 6 day residential Relead since 2013 which will now going to be referred as Relead+
It is an advanced version of Relead.

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What is Relead+?

Wherever you are in life there is always a next level to reach.

What that next level as you may not know, you may not see fully yet and still there is something about it that calls out to you.

Relead + is an adventure, a journey to take you to that next level in your life – whether it is in relationships, in career, in contributing to the society or in becoming more of yourself.

Relead + is a space where you will immerse yourself in the ideas and techniques that help you reach this next level.

This is a 6 day residential workshop where you will go through a whole range of activities along with space for reflection sharing and learning about yourself others and the world.

In a busy life, it is very easy to get caught into getting better at same things. Relead+  is not only about getting better at where you are, but moving to a whole different level, a different place from where to see the world.

What happened in earlier versions of Relead+?

We have had participation from across sectors and geographies.Click on the links below and download the report to know more about what happened in Relead 2013, Relead 2014 and Relead 2015

When is the next Relead+?

It will be organised from 24th May to 29th May 2016 in fire Flies Ashram, Bangalore, India

To know more see- Relead+ Brochure

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