Lead vs Relead


1. Being a ‘leader’ vs Being your authentic self

Old school leadership training tries to ‘teach’ you behaviours and techniques. The assumption is that there are a set of traits that leaders have and you must copy them.

Relead on the other hand helps you understand yourself better – and disover your own innate leadership style and potential – you lead not by copying others but by being more of authentic self.

2. Learning by watching vs Exploring your Being

Old school leadership is taught through cases, videos and reading ABOUT leaders. The assumption is that when you do this, you are able to emulate leaders and be like them.

Relead works on the BEING of a leader i.e. how leadership looks like from your own eyes. You gain a ‘first person access’ to leadership creating it for yourself rather than just observing it.

3. One discipline vs Inter-disciplinary

Old school leadership focusses on a single theory or a single set of principles regarding leadership. The belief is that a particular domain is a superior and more effective way of leading

Relead has a committment to you, not to a particular technique. We believe that leading requires you to have access to multiple domains and disciplines – and the program freely draws from a multitude of disciplines to help you create your own tool box

4. Chasing success vs Creating your own meaning

Finally, traditional leadership is about chasing what the society considers valuable, reaching there in the shortest possible time while competing with others.

Relead is about truly finding what you value, conciously choosing your path towards it involving others in your vision.

Leading is for today’s world. Releading is for tomorrow’s.