About Relead

From leading your life to Releading your life

Most of us live our lives in a ‘default’ mode – our choices are mostly habitual. We have friends that happened to be ours by circumstances. We have made choices in our earlier years with lesser experience than we may have now.
All this creates the life that we lead – a life that we almost unconsciously inherit from others.
But at some stage we put an end to this – we pause, reflect and think. We revisit our values and choices and make them our own. We drop away parts of ourselves that we don’t resonate with. We cultivate new abilities and qualities. We make conscious decisions about who to spend time with and what do we want to do with our lives.
This journey is the journey from leading to Releading – Releading your lives,
from default to design
from unconscious to conscious
from wandering to purpose
from excitement to passion
from leading to Releading

This year Relead is going to be held in two formats:-

Relead :

A 3 day non-residential learning program for 17-30 year old participants that will help you answer the most important question there ever is :What should I do with my life?

Relead+ :

A 6 day residential program for anyone above the age of 17, this will take this journey forward by deepening yourself understanding, your ability to deal with others and your understanding of the world.

Why are we doing Relead?

We believe that leadership is the ingredient that creates both a better world AND a life of meaning and impact.

The Blue Ribbon Movement has successfully deployed leadership to transform individuals and society – Relead brings the essence of our understanding of leadership encompassed in a concentrated nutshell.

We realize that in the melody and cacophony of self-help programs and practices, there is a gap for a scientifically grounded yet spiritual journey to discover oneself and develop skills and capacities to deal with tomorrow’s world.

We also want to build a community of inspired individuals who through their work are creating a difference wherever they are – we believe this is a recipe for a beautiful world that works for everyone.